Mr. Tony Bowers, M.A.

Associate/Marriage & Family Therapy Intern

401-830-4522 (Business Cell)
1-855-437-2354 (fax) 

introducing Mr. Tony Bowers, M.A.

Mr. Tony Bowers, M.A. is a Marriage & Family Therapy Associate who enjoys creating environments conducive for his compassionate and client-centric approach to therapeutic progress.  He is on mission to serve others by using his talent and skills to be a catalyst for health and well-being. Mr. Bowers genuinely believes in the value of relationships, which is why he is passionately pursuing the areas of family and couples therapy, personal and family transitions, and trauma/abuse issues for adults and young adults.

Education and Career Background

Mr. Bowers completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Kentucky, where he earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Marketing. He enjoyed a successful career as a corporate executive, which provided him daily opportunities to provide informal counseling, mentoring and coaching to demographically diverse teams.

Through partnering with others, Mr. Bowers uniquely connects and compassionately influences the development of those he serves. Mr. Bowers is an active member of his church serving in several ministries relevant to his clinical profession, including: Couples Ministry, Overseer (Elder), Marriage Mentors and Couple Support Coordinator.  He leads workshops for Marriage-Intensive weekends, and he and his wife currently lead a Small Group for couples. Mr. Bowers recently completed his Master of Arts degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Amberton University.  Mr. Bowers is a Marriage & Family Therapy Associate at Great Life Counseling Center providing services under the supervision of Dr. Nikki Stillo, Ph.D.