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Nicole Fisher, Psy.D. prioritizes connection and the therapeutic relationship with all her work with clients. She specifically advocates for tailoring treatment to the individual person and using their strengths to bring about progress. She enjoys working from frameworks incorporating mindfulness, acceptance, and self-compassion. She is also a proponent of expressive therapies, both for adults and children. Dr. Fisher appreciates the vulnerability involved in therapy and provides a warm, encouraging environment in which to explore the self. She has received formal training in dialectical behavior therapy and certification in parent child interaction therapy. She enjoys working with youth and their families and is particularly interested in working with adolescent and transitional age youth clients. Dr. Fisher’s light hearted approach allows clients to engage in psychotherapy at their own preferred pace with minimal discomfort. 

Education and Career Background
Dr. Fisher received a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Irvine, California. She completed her masters in the process of obtaining her doctorate. Dr. Fisher completed a formal APA-accredited internship at Wasatch Mental Health in Provo, Utah where she worked with a wide range of presenting problems.

Dr. Fisher has several years of practice working with diverse local communities. Dr. Fisher has engaged in psychological assessment throughout her training, including learning disability evaluations for college students, ADHD assessments for children and adults, and diagnostic clarification for the purpose of informing treatment for other mental health providers. She has worked in both individual and group formats with the full age range. Dr. Fisher is a postdoctoral fellow at Great Life Counseling Center under the supervision of Blair Kenney, Psy.D.


Tuesdays 6pm - 7pm
Class #1: Introduction to Mindfulness 

                      - Sept. 10th (Class Invoice #: FISH-MTM-1 )
​Class #2: Mindful Eating and Nutrition 

                      - Sept. 17th (Class Invoice #: FISH-MTM-2 )
Class #3: Mindfulness and Mental Health 

                      - Sept. 24th (Class Invoice #: FISH-MTM-3 )
Class #4: Mindfulness and Physical Health

                      - Oct. 1st (Class Invoice #: FISH-MTM-4 )
Class #5: Mindfulness in the Workplace 

                     - Oct. 8th (Class Invoice#: FISH-MTM-5 ) 

Please RSVP interest in attending a class or pay $30 class fee at least 1 day in advance. Thank you!


Wednesdays 7pm - 8pm
Class #1: Therapy with Teenagers: What's It All About?

                        - Sept. 4th (Class Invoice #: FISH-TT-1 )
​Class #2: Typical Conflicts in the Parent/Child dynamic 

                        - Sept. 11th (Class Invoice #: FISH-TT-2 )
Class #3: The Effect of the Digital Age on Teenage Development

                       - Sept. 18th (Class Invoice #: FISH-TT-3 )
Class #4: Adolescent Development: Typical vs Atypical 

                      - Sept. 25th  (Class Invoice #: FISH-TT-4 )
Class #5: Promoting Positive Relationships

                      - Oct. 2nd (Class Invoice #: FISH-TT-5 )

Please RSVP interest in attending a class or pay $30 class fee at least 1 day in advance. Thank you!

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